Top 5 most influential Fashion Bloggers – Bloggers that are killing the game

The art of Fashion Blogging is one that many have come to master, or is something that many are slowly, but surely trying to. With aesthetically pleasing photo’s,  great content, and a passion for what they do, Fashion Bloggers are readily becoming some of the most influential voices in the industry. 

The life of Fashion Bloggers, seems picturesque for an outsider, and why wouldn’t it? You go to amazing parties, work with some of the biggest names around and get invited to exclusive events. However, not many of us are aware of the amount of hard work, dedication, time and commitment it takes to reach such a pinnacle .

So , as an attempt to motivate the rest of us ,the ones who are slowly trying to climb our way to the top, I’ve put together a list of 5 Fashion Bloggers who are killing it right now – and not just strong following killing it, but features, apparel/ accessories lines and book deals kinda killing it. 

 I know there are many Bloggers out there who are doing incredibly well and I love so many of them, but this post is writen from a statistics point of view, alongside blogs that I feel are innovative, have great content and have user friendly sites; but if you feel I’ve missed out on any, please let me know in the comments below! 

( The order of this list is of personal preference. ) 

1. Man Repeller 

Twitter Followers: 370,9k

Instagram: 1,6 Million 


Leandra Medine, founder  of “Man Repeller” started her site because: 

I had an opinion, which I believed was being severely underserved in fashion (trends women love, men hate) and a way of delivering it (honestly, with a sense of humor and simultaneous respect) that I hoped would resonate. It’s never actually about fashion, is the other thing — this is just the language we use to connect with each other because sometimes words and literal conversation don’t cut it. I wanted to make a site that I would feel good about my angry teenage daughter reading, one that I’d also want to read and become part of myself. Does that make sense?

2.    The Blonde Salad 

Twitter Followers: 309,9k

Instagram: 7.8 Million ( Chiara Ferragni) / 272k ( Blog account) 

the blonde salad screenshot .png

Chiara Ferrgani, founder of “The Blonde Salad started her site because: 

The Blonde Salad evolved from being an outfit blog to a fashion & travel magazine and now to a digital platform offering a 360 degrees lifestyle experience.

To see a timeline of the site’s growth click here. 

3.     We Wore What 

Twitter Followers: 37.3k 

Instagram Followers: 1.6Million 

we wore what screenshot.pngDanielle Bernstein founder of “We Wore What” started her site because: 

“Getting dressed in the morning should be the easiest part of your day—something native New Yorker Danielle Bernstein proclaimed when founding her now cult-status style blog, We Wore What. The site began as a daily dose of outfit inspiration before growing into an aspirational—while still relatable—aesthetic for all things coveted. (With more than 1.5MM followers, no less.)

WWW covers everything from fashion to interior design to menswear, your single-source destination for the delectable world of Danielle. “

4.   Song Of Style 

Twitter Followers:  68,3k 

Instagram Followers: 4,3 Million 

song of style screenshot.png

Song of Style is a blog  that covers topics from Style, Travel and Interior Design. 

5. Bryan Boy 

Twitter Followers: 585,7k

Instagram Followers: 604k 

bryan boy screenshot.png

Probably one of the most renown Fashion Blogger to-date. Bryan Boy has and continues to attend some of the most exclusive fashion events, is front row at major fashion weeks, and has been a prominent panel member on “America’s Next Top Model.” and was probably one of the first bloggers I ever knew about. 

His blog is and continues to be primarily fashion based, and is luxury fashion orientated. 


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