The luxury brand that everyone’s obsessing over

I am a lover of luxury fashion, I just don’t happen to own much of it. So as a attempt to share my love ( without breaking the bank) I’ve decided to comment on what i’m loving instead.

The luxury brand that I’m obsessed about right now, and is literally everywhere – Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram? – you name it; this brand is pretty much plastered all over the internet and with a certain comeback of a certain Tee, I think we’ll be hearing a lot more about it.

So, if you haven’t already guessed it – i’m talking about Gucci.
Now,in all honesty, I haven’t always loved Gucci. Until about last year, when they launched their SS 16′ collection, which I adored. The vibrant colours, bold prints and slightly vintage influence had me at hello.

Since then, I’ve been loving Gucci, and I mean Pinterest crazed Gucci Board kinda loving.

The reason, this brand is my current favourite ( luxury wise) is because with luxury brands, or any brand actually, you never really love everything they put out. It’s either the clothes, the accessories or the shoes; but with Gucci I love all of it. From the clothes to the shoes, bags and belts – which is quite rare for me.

Alongside all of this, they’ve also recently put together a collection exclusive for Net-a-Porter, which I love to bits, If I could I would honestly buy it all. It encompasses everything that I have been loving from Gucci, from beautiful floral blouses to pearl embellished shoes. If you’d like to have a look you can here.

So I have put together a little Gucci “wish list” which will cover my favourite pieces ( that you can actually wear in your day-to-day life!)

This will include pieces from Gucci and Gucci for Net-a-Porter.

If you have a favourite piece or know of other brands that are killing it just as well, let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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  • Feature Image reference – Pinterestย 

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