Morning Pages #01: How I find inspiration as a creative

A couple of years ago I had a slight nervous breakdown, wondering why I struggled with certain subjects at school – particularly ones like maths or maths related. Most of my friends were pretty good at it and needless to say I felt like I was stupid at times because I could never grasp it, no matter how hard I studied, it would just not stick.

After a while I found the answer to the dilemma, and it was relatively simple. I was just more creative than logical ( which explained A LOT ! ) So, rather than killing myself trying to think in a way that I wasn’t wired to think, I channeled a lot of my energy into the arts, and immersed myself in books, art, plays etc…

I channeled a lot of my energy into the arts


morning pages.JPG


This led to me doing Fine Art at school as well as the creation of my very first blog ( which you can look at here – if you feel like having a laugh! ) Amid all of this I did feel burnt out when it came to ideas for new content for both art and my blog and looked to lots of sources  to jumpstart my creativity.

I did feel burnt out when it came to ideas.

So, I thought I’d share it with all of you , and maybe it might of use to some of you in some aspect of your life.

Yes, a lot of “inspiration” does come from Pinterest/Tumblr/ Instagram/blogs etc…   but I’ve found that some of my best ideas don’t come from the internet – which, in all honesty, has been so refreshing because so much of my life revolves around the internet and social media. So this is a list of non-internet sources of inspiration.

fade mpFullSizeRender.jpg


Recently, I’ve taken up the task of writing in a journal. Now, if you’re someone who doesn’t usually get a lot of time for leisure / down time , than maybe try this a few days a week if you can’t manage everyday.  I’ve found it so helpful in allowing my mind to breathe a bit, as I try to de-clutter it. Alongside this, as I write – regardless of what it is, I’ve found that I come up with a lot of ideas because I’m allowing my mind to take a breather. It also helps me feel a lot calmer and puts  my day into perspective, which is really handy if you’re someone that tends to over -think like I do. It’s also amazing to see how much your life has changed when you eventually read them back.

I’m allowing my mind to take a breather.

Another great non-internet related way to find inspiration is to go on walks. To walk around little neighbourhoods/ parks/ quiet streets ( the safe ones of course) allows your imagination to wander. It could be people who you see walking by, or textures from cobbled streets or brick walls, or even a little café/coffee shop you stumble upon -no matter where you walk you are bound to find great ideas or even just the urge to create making its way into your mind.


morning pages streets.jpg

One of the best ways to trigger ideas/ creativity is to talk to people. Be it friends, family or a stranger – the more you talk to other people and listen to their opinions on topics/ issues the more open-minded you become, which ultimately expands the limits to your imagination. Now I know you can talk to people through social media, but I just think that there is such a genuine connection when speaking to someone face to face, which is priceless. There have been so many times that mid conversation I come up with an idea for a blog post; or once I’m done talking to certain people I’m always left inspired and feel the urge to create something.

…such a genuine connection when speaking to someone face to face

My last tip on sparking creativity* is to surround yourself with any form of art – theatre productions, art galleries, exhibitions,photography, or good books/poetry. Stories told by other people/ or experiences that are told without speech has always been of interest to me, I like to explore different form of expression because it helps me to cultivate my own voice. The works that I have found myself enjoying/liking have helped me figure out what type of creative I am and what kind of works I want to provide myself. I think that if you ever get the chance to go and see an exhibition or production take it – because it’s not just  the works but also the atmosphere that can spark something within you!

it’s not just  the works but also the atmosphere



So there you finally have it, a little bit of  Monday inspo to kickstart the week! If any of you have any other ways that you seek inspiration / or share the same as I do, please let me know I’d love to hear about it!

[ Ps: Morning Pages is a series I’m starting which is quite literally going to be “morning pages” ( props for creativity ! ) but, essentially it’s  just gonna consist of chatty little ( or not so little! )posts about life/ inspiration/ creativity. So I hope you like it, let me know your thoughts if it’s something that interests you even the slightest bit ]



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