Amanda de Cadenet x Warby Parker *

For any of you lovely people who wear glasses , find yourself owning multiple pairs of sunnies,or just love the look of glasses and pop the lenses out than than stick around because you might like what’s coming!  Recently I was approached by the lovely team from Warby Parker to fill you guys in on an amazing collaboration that they have done with the very talented, Amanda de  Cadenet.

I am a lover of artistic frames when it comes to glasses, and being someone who has been wearing specs since they were three, it does become challenging to find reasonably priced frames that also look good!

That’s why, when I heard about Warby Parker I was interested in what they had to offer; as they are fairly priced and stock some amazing designs, and alongside all of this,  for every pair of frames sold, a pair is distributed to those in need!

Their most recent collaboration is one that I adore – Amanda de Cadenet x Warby Parker, which is a small range of 2 frames : Ella and Silvan ( which are named after her two kids) It’s an oversized shape with modern proportions that suits all sorts (including adult-sized) of creative spirits.



For those of you who aren’t aware of who Amanda is, no worries I have spared you the google search and have included a small bio about her! :

“A fashion and portrait photographer, she writes, directs, creates and hosts TV and online shows, and, oh, she runs her own production company too. (She’s busy to say the least.) Her career has many arms, but at the core of her work, Amanda abides by inclusivity and candor. She is zero pretense and all heart, and we couldn’t be more pleased to team up on two new frames in support of her latest venture, #girlgaze.”  and for those of you who are  Vogue obsessed ( like me)  here’s a fun fact – She is also the youngest woman to have ever shot a Vogue cover ( Girl power or what?)



Now what is #girlgaze one might ask? Well this is something that got me really excited and is part of the reason that I wanted to share this amazing collaboration with you guys! The rise of women is surely one to watch as we claim headlines, and oppose injustices – but it doesn’t stop there. This is yet another initiative founded by a highly successful woman,to help mentor and nurture other women, so that they too can climb the ladder of success – and I think it’s brilliant!

“#girlgaze is a multi-media digital community showcasing the ways in which girls see the world. It’s a celebration of females in front of and behind the lens, backed by an astounding roster of female photographers, models, editors, directors, and other creatives. In the spirit of spreading the love and promoting creative magic of all kinds, #girlgaze will recognize a different medium next year. It’s a mission we can definitely get behind, and to toast our partnership with Amanda, we are making a donation to the Girlgaze Foundation, which distributes financial grants for emerging female-identifying photographers and directors. The Foundation aims to put more girls behind the camera and close the gender gap.”

Frame : Ella 


This frame was named after Amanda’s daughter – Ella, and  is an optical frame in Jet Black with bold, gold accents on the frame’s temple. Personally, I am a huge fan of this frame, and not just because it’s black! This frame is a style that I would generally lean toward and is something I would wear myself.  I find that it is a classic, sleek and a borderline sexy frame that really can given an outfit edge and class. This frame really does have the ability to complete any look – be it edgy, clean and classic or to just add a little bit of fun.







Frame : Silvan (optical)


Silvan is a frame that comes in both an optical and sunnies frame. It is in a beautiful shade of peony and is perfect for those seeking a more creative/ artistic / care free look whilst seeming effortlessly chic –  and not to mention its colour ( again). Now generally I am not one for any colour other black ( it’s becoming a bit of a problem, come to think of it! ) however, with that being said, I do love the subtlety of this shade – it isn’t too bold or “in your face” but still manages to grab your attention. I think that if you’re someone who is scared to try colour/  or is contemplating trying it? I would opt for this. It’s still classic/ chic and in the same shape/ style Ella’s frame.








Frame: Silvan ( sunglasses) 


And finally, for the last piece in this collection – is the Silvan sunnies. These are in the same soft shade of the optical frames with a silver reflective lens. I think that these are super fun and really cute and will make the perfect summer sunnies; which can add a little something to  that perfect effortless beach look we all hope to achieve!



If any of you are interested in these frames, all links have been included on the images so just give the frame you like most a click and it will direct you to the site!



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