Morning Pages #03 : Perks of positivity

Positivity was always something I found as a bit of “eh” topic. I never really cared about “being positive” and honestly thought that it was a waste of time , because nothing amazing ever happens to me anyway!

But recently, I’ve decided to see things in a different perspective – in a more positive and open-minded way. This really isn’t something that comes naturally to a potential, eternal pessimist, but I try and make a conscious decision to look at things for what it could be, rather than what it isn’t.

Through this little, daily ritual of mine, I’ve found that it actually does make a difference, and that those that say  “don’t be negative” actually have a point.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


So here are a three  perks I’ve picked up from being more positive, and thought I’d share with you guys :

  1. It takes a lot more to be negative, than to be positive 

Being negative takes up SO much energy – think about it. You actually have to analyse a situation in so much depth to find faults to point out, only to make yourself and everyone around you miserable? I’ve found that when I’m seeing things with the glass half full, I tend to be in a much better mood, which honestly impacts my whole day – I don’t put myself down with negative thoughts and can actually enjoy my day, or at least try to enjoy my day.


2.                                        Positivity attracts positivity

If you make an effort to be positive, you’ll attract like minded people, and the more you surround yourself with people who are positive, the better you feel about yourself and you just end up having (overall) a much better day! I know (from  personal experience) that I am way more likely to want to be around someone who is smiling, laughing and has an overall good vibe about them – as opposed to someone who is constantly complaining about things! Finding reasons to be positive doesn’t always have to be specific/ detailed / justified either! For instance, I used these specific photo’s because it was a time where just being in this particular area made me feel energetic and really happy and for no particular reason!

3.                         Being positive attracts opportunities 

If you are someone who is positive, you are probably one that is hopeful too – which means that when things don’t work out the way we want them to, we keep trying instead of just giving up. ( Yes, I’d say perseverance makes you somewhat positive) I have honestly got to say that this has actually worked for me! When I was a complete and utter pessimist about everything I would be so against any form of hopefulness in unlikely situations that I just wouldn’t even try altogether; but recently I’ve been telling myself “well, yeah the chances of it working out are slim, but It’s worth a shot!” and I cannot tell you how far it’s gotten me!


So these are just my main reasons for choosing to be more positive, because I think it’s important to emphasise the little perks in life! If you have any thoughts on positivity vs negativity, I’d love to hear them!




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